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Poker rooms charge rake for running the games but they also want to attract players so they offer rakeback to players. First understand why poker rooms charge rake. Rake is taken by the poker room dealer on every single hand that is played at a ring (cash) game. The Rake is the revenue source for the online poker room and helps pays for operations, software development, marketing, and player promotions. The poker room only takes a small percentage out of each hand. The maximum amount of rake in a single hand is capped at a few dollars. From rake to rakeback the game is to attract players so the poker room offers to share some of the revenue a player generates through their rake with the players. The best rakeback offers return a high percentage from the poker room. This money returned back to the player is what Rakeback is all about.

Poker Rooms Love Rakeback

Players earning rakeback are more loyal to that poker room. Loyal players increases the number of games being played meaning more hands are getting raked.

Players Love Rakeback

The online poker player can increase his poker bankroll  while improving his poker game because he is receiving money every week just for playing. This money is making break even poker players into winners. Rakeback can help offset losses during down weeks and can really top off your winning weeks. The online poker experience is amazing with cutting edge gaming software and exciting big cash prize pool tournaments. The name of the game is winning money and rakeback is the best way to maximize your poker bankroll.

The rakeback calculator can figure out the approximate amount of rakeback you will earn by securing the online poker's top rakeback percentages.

The calculator figures out how much rakeback you earn based on the amount of rake you contribute. The rakeback calculator takes into account which method is used: Dealt vs. Contributed. The calculator figures the rakeback method, rakeback percentage, the number of hands you play and the table stakes.

Generally, regular players can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in rakeback each month. Most people play lower stakes so the amount will be a lot less, but compared to the stakes you play the amount will seem relatively good. The rakeback bonus payment oftens makes break even players into winners. Look at the rakeback examples here to see how much you can earn for playing just one hand.

Online poker rakeback promotions add even more value to users beyond just receiving their weekly rakeback payments. Players have an opportunity to win even more money through Rake Races and Free Rolls.

Rake Races are free promotions with Rakeback players competing against each other for large multi-thousand dollar prize pools by racing to generate a certain amount of rake first or generating the most rake in a time period like a calendar month.

Rake Free Rolls are free roll tournaments awarded to Rakeback Wiki users that offer an opportunity for many players to win hundreds of dollars.

Some people go all over the Las Vegas Strip map to play cards while others choose to play online. The fun of poker cash games and tournaments has spread to every country around the world. Both playing live and online have always been exciting and fun despite the fact that winning money is not always easy. However you can automatically improve your results simply by signing up for poker rakeback. The rakeback offers make winning money a whole lot easier simply because the more online poker you play the more your poker bankroll benefits. Securing rakeback when you choose a poker room means you will be receiving a large percentage of the rake collected by the poker room returned to your poker account each week.

Choosing to sign-up for rakeback is the single most important thing you can do to improve your overall poker profitability.

Poker rakeback is used by virtually all online poker pros and most in-the-know intermediate and beginning players as well. Researching all of the rakeback information here will teach you the rakeback basics and tips on rakeback sites. Reading the Rakeback Wiki will help you better understand how a few minutes of your time can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run if you choose to play online poker for real money.

All of your poker rakeback frequently asked questions are answered here in this in-depth Rakeback Guide for poker players.

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Rakeback Definition

The definition of rakeback is the amount of a rebate that is passed from an online poker room to an affiliate that is then passed to the player.

The rakeback definition in easy to understand terms is that an online poker room pays an affiliate a commission for sending the customer to their poker room. The affiliate then pays the player most of that commission. For example, if you sign up at an online poker room through affiliates that offer rakeback then you will earn the rebate from that affiliate. The online poker room pays a commission to the affiliate for sending you to that online poker room. This commission varies depending on the poker room and can be anywhere from 20% to 50% of the rake you generate while playing poker at that poker room. The affiliate realizes that the more you play at that particular poker room the better for the affiliate as that increases the affiliate's commission. In addition to that, affiliates want you to choose to sign-up to play poker through them and not through some other affiliate. In order to both encourage you to sign-up to play through a particular affiliate and then to play more at that poker room the affiliate offers the player rakeback. The rakeback is the majority of the commission that the affiliate receives from the poker room. Every time an affiliate is paid commission from the online poker room the affiliate in turn pays the rakeback to the player. This rebate is why we define rakeback in the rakeback definition as the amount of money that is paid by the affiliate to the player based on the rake they generate while playing poker.

Rakeback Definition Example

The definition of rakeback is based on the rake being generated by a person receiving rakeback. If a player is at a 10 handed No Limit Texas Holdem table and the action has created a $60 pot the online poker room will rake the pot $3. Depending on how the rake is calculated for each player at the table using either the dealt rakeback method or the contributed rakeback method that $3 is going to be divided up among the players in the hand. To keep the rakeback definition simple in this example we are going to use the dealt rakeback method which basically says that everyone dealt into the hand gets credit for an equal share of the rake collected. So the $3 is divided up among the 10 people in the hand. $3/10 = $0.30 per player. So defining the amount of rakeback a player receives from that $0.30 of rake they just contributed to the poker room. If a player receives 33% rakeback based on his or her deal with the affiliate then out of that $0.30 the player gets 33% returned to them as rakeback. 33% of $0.30 is $0.10. So from the one hand that was played the player earned $0.10, which by itself is not a lot of money but adds up quickly when combined with more hands. In an hour, if that player is playing just one table and 100 similar hands were dealt in that hour then the player would earn about 100 * $0.10 = $10 in rakeback.

Wikipedia Rakeback Definition

Rebate/repayment to a player of a portion of the rake paid by that player, normally from a non-cardroom, third-party source such as an affiliate. Rakeback is paid in many ways by online poker rooms, affiliates or brick and mortar rooms. Many use direct money payments for online poker play. Brick and Mortar rooms usually use rate cards to track and pay their rakeback.

Poker Rakeback Basics

Poker rakeback is for rounders, a term for people that play poker regularly. Basically it is simply us paying you to play online poker and the more you play the more you earn.

To get started you need to choose one of the best rakeback poker rooms, follow the sign-up instructions and start playing. You can enter any of the many exciting tournaments and action filled cash games trying to build your bankroll. Every day whether you win at the poker tables or lose at the poker tables you will be getting paid to play. Test you skills in multi-table tournaments with huge prize pools and test your abilities on the cash tables and for every tournament you enter and every cash game you play you will be earning rakeback.

Earning Poker Rakeback

Optimizing your poker revenue begins with earning poker rakeback. Poker rakeback helps many players earn thousands of dollars every month playing online poker. Without rakeback you are essentially leaving hundreds and thousands of dollars on the table for no reason.

Rakeback Calculator

To approximately calculate the amount of rakeback you will earn you can use a rakeback calculator. The rakeback calculator figures out how much you pay in rake to the poker room and determines the amount you will earn in rakeback. The rakeback percentage is based on the percentage amount you signed up for when when choosing which poker room to play. Each poker room offers a different percentage of rakeback with some offering 27% rakeback and some offering 40% rakeback. The higher the rakeback percentage is the more rakeback you will earn.

Rakeback Basics

Rakeback is like getting extra money for free. It is a huge mistake for beginners to go directly to a poker room and sign up at the poker room without first going through an affiliate that offers rakeback. Signing up for rakeback is easy and takes only a few minutes. By signing up for rakeback that player is going to earn money for playing where as they would not have earned any extra money for playing if they did not sign up for rakeback. The extra money that player earns from rakeback will automatically be put into the players account each week which can make a huge impact on the players bankroll.

Why Online Poker Rooms Have Rake

To understand rakeback you need to understand how online poker rooms make their money. Poker is not like other casino games because you are not playing against the house (casino). Instead, poker is played against other players and the only way the house (casino) can make money running the poker game is by raking the pot.

Raking the pot is essentially taking a small percentage - usually 5% - of each pot and keeping it for themselves. The 5% is the rake and it is automatically taken out of every cash game poker hand that is played. For tournaments the poker rooms charge an entry fee to each player and this entry fee is basically considered the rake for tournaments.

The rake pays for the online poker rooms operations and is necessary for the poker room to make a profit.

Why Poker Rooms Offer Rakeback

To help with attracting new players the poker rooms pay affiliates a commission on the rake they collect from the players the affiliate has sent to that poker room. To help attract new players affiliates have wisely began giving most of that commission back to the players in what is known as rakeback.

From Rake to Rakeback

During each hand you can usually see near the dealer the amount of rake that has been taken from the pot. This shows the total rake taken from the pot but does not show you the amount of your personal rake. The individual amount of rake each player contributes is figured out by the poker room's software and the information is stored in the poker room's database. This data determines the amount of rakeback you will earn.

Shared Rakeback vs. Contributed Rakeback

The rakeback a player earns is calculated in two different ways by online poker rooms. These two ways are known as shared and contributed.

Shared Rakeback Method

Shared Rakeback is easy to figure because it is basically the total amount of rake taken from the hand and divided equally among each player at the table. If there are 6 players at the table and $3 rake was taken from the pot then the shared rake is $3/6 = $0.50 per player.

Contributed Rakeback method

Contributed rake is a little bit more complex as the amount of money you contribute to the pot is what determines the amount of rake you paid. Each player is assigned an individual amount of rake they have contributed based on the amount of money they put into the pot. For example, if the pot has $60 in it and you have put in $20 to that pot then you have contributed to 1/3 of the pot. If the rake for the $60 pot is $3 then you have contributed 1/3 of the $3 so your contributed rake is $1. Players who did not contribute anything to the pot by folding before the flop have not contributed anything to the rake and therefore their rake contribution for that hand is $0.

Poker Rooms Charge Rake?

The reason poker rooms charge rake is because that is how the poker room makes revenue for the service of running the game. The game of poker is different from other casino games in that you are not playing against the casino but instead you are playing against other players. Blackjack, craps, pai-gow and roulette all have been created with a built in advantage for the casino so in the long run the casino will always win. The odds are set up in the casino’s favor in order to pay for the cost of operating the casino.

In poker games the casino is not directly involved in who wins or loses and the casino does not win or lose money when poker games are being played. Instead, the casino just runs the games providing the space to play, the table, the chips, the dealer and the floor personnel. To make money from offering poker games the poker room takes a few dollars from each pot, a process known as rake. The rake is a small percentage of the pot usually 5% for online poker rooms and 10% for land based poker rooms. Both online poker rooms and brick and mortar poker rooms cap the rake at a maximum of a few dollars – typically $3 – so no matter how big the pot gets the casino can only take a few dollars.

For online poker rooms the rake is a smaller percentage because their costs are a bit less then running a brick and mortar poker room. Online poker rooms need to charge rake in order to pay for updating and improving the poker software, the servers the games are hosted on, the customer service and technical employees, management and marketing efforts to attract new players.

Reasons Why Poker Rooms Charge Rake?

Poker is Different Than Casino Games

The game of poker is based on each player playing against other poker players and not against the house (casino). Poker is different than other casino games like blackjack, roulette and craps because in those games the casino operator has a guaranteed percentage built into the game. The odds being in the casino's favor ensures guarantees the casino will win considerably more than they will lose in the long run. However, in poker the casino only operates the game and does not have any interest in who wins each hand. The money won is taken from other players at the table and not the casino.


In order for the casino to make money having poker games the casino must take a small percentage from each hand. This small percentage is called the rake, a term derived from the action in which a dealer rakes a few dollars from the pot at the end of the hand.

Rake Revenue Pays for Poker Room Operations

In brick and mortar poker rooms this rake pays for the dealers, floor personnel, the building, electricity and the many other costs associated with running a poker room. In the online world the rake pays for the customer service employees, the poker software, the servers the games are hosted on and the poker room's marketing efforts.

Brick and Mortar and Online Poker Rooms Rake Comparison

The cost to run an online poker room is quite a bit less then running a brick and mortar poker room. This fact combined with the much faster speed each hand played online is compared to a hand played in a brick and mortar poker room makes online poker rooms more profitable. Because of this online poker rooms charge a smaller rake to their players percentage wise per hand, usually 5% instead of the 10% land based poker rooms charge. Both online and brick and mortar poker rooms cap the amount of rake collected in each hand, usually the rake is capped at about $3.

Thanks to online poker rooms we get a chance to compete against other poker players. Your skills are challenging the skills of other players to determine who wins the most amount of chips. In the long run, the more skillful players will beat the less skillful player because in the long run luck will even out. But rakeback benefits everyone, as all players can earn rakeback putting more money in everyone's bankrolls.

Online Rakeback Why Poker Rooms Love Rakeback

The initial thought for many people regarding online rakeback is that it helps the players and hurts the poker room.

That thinking is only half true. Online poker Rakeback definitely helps the players but surprising to some rakeback helps the poker room. Let me explain.

Rakeback is actually payed by affiliates. Affiliates get a commission on the rake you pay to the poker room. The affiliate is paid this commission because he sent you to that poker room, likely with a link and/or a sign-up code. The affiliate gets paid regardless if you get rakeback or not. Rakeback is an optional practice done by some affiliates. The affiliate is actually paying you your rakeback out of the commission the affiliate gets from the poker room.

Why do affiliates offer rakeback. Simple question. Affiliates are competing for your click. Affiliates know that you have a choice in who refers you to the poker room, so they want to give you incentives to choose them. One of those incentives is offering rakeback. Poker rooms cap the maximum amount of rakeback an affiliate can pay to the player so most affiliates offer the same rakeback deals. Some rakeback affiliates offer other promotions like rake chases and rake rolls. Affiliates make a smaller percentage net commission offering rakeback, but because the player is earning rakeback the player is more likely to continue playing at that poker room for a much longer period of time.

Poker Rooms Love Rakeback Because:

  • The Player Plays Longer
  • The Player Has More Money in Account
  • Longer Playing Players Fill Up More Tables
  • Affiliates Advertise More
  • Money Comes Out of Affiliate Commission
  • The Player Has a Better Gaming Experience
  • Creates More Free roll Tournaments Offered by Affiliates
  • Rake Races and Rake Chases Makes Contestants Play More
  • Rakeback Players Earn Commission Referring Their Friends

If a player is playing longer at a poker room then the player is making the poker room more money. Though that is only the one of the many reasons poker rooms love rakeback. The bottom line is that poker rakeback is great for the bottom line of any poker room that offers rakeback as it accomplishes both increasing revenue and increasing customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers can refer their friends meaning many new online poker room customers.

Get Rakeback

To get rakeback understand that every hand you play during cash games the pot is raked. Raked means a small percentage of the pot is being removed which goes to the online poker room. If you want to see how much is being raked in a given pot usually next to the dealer there is a place where the rake is collected during the hand and is taken at the end of the hand by the poker room. The amount of rake changes during the hand as the pot gets bigger and is eventually capped at a couple of dollars.

The rake by the dealer shows the entire rake taken from the pot during the course of the hand but does not show the amount of rake that was contributed by each player at the table. The amount of rake contributed by each player is calculated by the poker room’s software and the results are stored in the poker room’s database. This data determines the total amount of rake you have contributed over a period of time and is the prime statistic that is used to get rakeback.

Rakeback Example

A player decides to try a new poker room and signs up for Full Tilt Poker rakeback in order to secure a 27% rakeback deal. During the first week of playing online poker the player has contributed $600 in rake to the online poker room. The poker room pays the affiliate a 30% commission which is 30% of $600 = $180. The affiliate pays the player 27% rakeback which is 27% of $600 = $162. By signing up through the affiliate to get rakeback the player has $162 automatically deposited into their poker account at the end of the week.

These rakeback examples shows why rakeback is an outstanding way to automatically add money to your poker earnings and depending on the volume of your play can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Every day players with rakeback often earn over $10,000 per year in rakeback and even casual players earn a great deal of extra money each year because they wisely signed up for rakeback. In effect rakeback is similar to a bonus in that you earn it by playing but unlike a bonus rakeback never runs out it just continues to pay you every week as long as you keep playing.

Rakeback Example for One Texas Holdem Poker Hand

Lets use a simple heads-up hand of Texas Holdem poker. The two players are dealt a hand and create a $50 pot which has been raked for $3. Each player contributes $1.50 in rake during that single hand. If a player was receiving 27% rakeback then the player would earn $0.41 for that single hand in rakeback. Though $0.41 is not a lot of money by itself, when many hands are added up together the total amount a player receives can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

  • If the player was earning 30% rakeback at Cake Poker then the player would have earned $.45 during that single hand of Texas Holdem poker rakeback example

Rakeback Calculator

Rakeback calculators allow you to approximately figure out the amount of rakeback you will earn. The rakeback calculator figures out how much you will pay in rake to the poker room based on the stakes you play, the number of tables you play at and the length of time you play. The rakeback calculator figures the rake paid by a player and multiplies it by your rakeback percentage to figure the amount of money you will earn. The percentage is based on the rakeback deal you received when you signed up at that poker room through the affiliate. For calculating rakeback the rakeback percentage range is usually between 27% - 40%.


The rakeback calculator shows how important earning rakeback truly is over the long run because even low stakes players playing only one table for a few hours a day can earn thousands of dollars each year with rakeback.

How much Rakeback money can I get?

The amount of rakeback you receive is dependent on the amount you play and the stakes you play at. Rakeback is a percentage of the money the online poker room has charged you by collecting rake during cash games and entry fees from tournaments.

The bigger the stakes the bigger the pot is each hand so there is usually more rake taken from those games. Smaller stakes usually has smaller average size pots so less is being raked from each hand. The rakeback calculator shows that in even smaller stakes the amount that is earned by the player is very significant to that poker player's overall bankroll.

More You Play More Rakeback You Earn

When you calculate rakeback examples you can see a casual low limit poker player can expect to receive a few hundred extra dollars per month in rakeback where as a higher limit player can earn several thousand extra dollars each month.

The more hands you play increases your rakeback because the more hands played means more rake was taken. Full time pros playing 40 hours per week and multiple tables at the same time tend to receive very large rakeback payments because they have played a high volume of poker hands. As you will see when testing the rakeback calculator, even the casual player that just plays once in awhile can still make a considerable amount of extra money by earning rakeback.

Don't Miss Getting Rakeback

Rakeback is such a huge benefit to players that making the mistake and signing up directly with a poker room and not receiving rakeback is like giving lots of free money away. Signing up with an affiliate like Rounder Poker guarantees you of earning rakeback. On the other hand, signing up directly with the poker room usually means they will never allow you to earn rakeback.

Maximize Your Poker Revenue

Success in poker is often dependent on maximizing your profit in every situation and there is no better situation then signing up for rakeback that can maximize your profit when playing online poker. Rakeback is probably the most important thing an online poker player needs to know about before choosing where to play online poker.

Why is rakeback important?

Why is rakeback important? is a common question asked by many beginning poker players and casual poker players who do not understand how important rakeback is to their poker bankroll. Just look at the rakeback calculator and you can see how many more poker players would be regular winners if there was no rake taken from each hand. The little bit of rake taken out of the pot during each hand adds up quickly.

Rakeback Example

For example, you win a $50 pot playing $0.50-$1 no limit holdem the online poker room raked $3 from that hand. Instead of getting $53 you got $50. That doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up quickly.

If you win 100 similar hands this week then you would have paid $300 in rake to the online poker room that came out of the winnings from each of those hands. $300 is a lot of money and could easily make a difference between being a winner that week or a loser that week.

Because of this many poker players don't win enough to be profitable because not only are they playing against the other players at the table but they are also playing against the rake.

This example shows why rakeback is important because with rakeback that player would have been given anywhere from 27% to 40% rakeback depending on the poker room and that would be about $100.

Another Rakeback Example

Another example to show why rakeback is important. If everyone at a table starts with $100 and plays poker all day taking turns winning hands. With the house raking each pot eventually everyone at the table will run out of money. Simply because after every hand a few dollars of rake was removed from the table so the total amount of money on the table has been decreased.

Rake Rebate aka Rake Refund aka Rakeback

When you figuring how to calculate your rakeback you might see different terminology for figuring your rakeback amount. Think of it like this, if those players were getting rakeback then a percentage rebate of that money which is being taken as rake by the poker room is refunded to those players. With poker rakeback the actual amount being charged to play each hand is a lot less which is advantageous for all players.

Everyone Gets Rakeback

If you are playing at a table against other players then it is to your advantage to be getting rakeback. Most the players you are playing against are getting rakeback. Because the rakeback calculator shows how advantageous it is to earn that extra money during cash games, tournaments and online poker sit and go's rakeback has become so important that almost every player now makes it a priority to sign up with a rakeback affiliate in order to get the best rakeback deals at the poker rooms they play. Rakeback has turned thousands of losing players into small winners and winning players have become much bigger winners.

How Much Rakeback Can I Earn?

To calculate rakeback you can earn you need to begin with the amount of rake that you contribute. The amount of rake contributed depends on several different factors. Both the number of hands you play and the stakes you play provide the most influence on the amount of rake you contribute. If you play tournaments, then the entrance fee to each tournament is considered the rake being taken for that tournament.

Generally, the higher stakes you play the bigger the pot is for each hand. The more money in the pot means more money is raked. Though each poker room caps the rake taken for any hand at a few dollars, the bigger pots reach the full rake more often. Every hand that is raked the online poker room calculates the amount of rake each player has contributed and keeps track of that information. The more rake you contribute the more rakeback you will receive.

Another rakeback factor is the rakeback percentage you earn. Different poker rooms give different rakeback percentages. Typically the amount is about 30% but can less or more. The higher the rakeback percentage is the more rakeback you will earn each week.

A casual low limit player can expect to earn a few hundred dollars in rakeback per month while a full time low limit player may earn into the thousands. Casual high limit players may earn around a thousand dollars per month while full time high limit pros may earn several thousand dollars per month. Basically, the more hands you play the more rakeback you earn. By playing multiple tables at the same time you are in effect playing more hands. By multi-tabling you are contributing more rake to the poker room and therefore your rakeback will increase.

Rakeback for tournament and sit and go tournament players is calculated similarly. Each tournament or sit and go tournament charges an entry fee in addition to the buy-in. Whereas the buy-in goes to the prize pool for that tournament or sit and go tournament, the entry fee is taken by the online poker room. The entry fee is basically the equivalent to rake and is considered as rake in calculating a player’s rakeback. A $10 sit and go tournament usually has a $1 entry fee and if a player was getting 40% rakeback then $.40 would be refunded to the player.

Rakeback is like earning money for playing poker. Basically, you get paid to play online poker as the more you play the more you get paid. Success playing poker is based on making the most profitable decision every time you are faced with a decision to fold, call or raise. Sometimes you make the best choice and sometimes you make a wrong choice. On the other hand, Rakeback is always the right choice to maximize your poker revenue because it is free money that is given back to you for simply playing. Players without rakeback accounts will never earn that free money and therefore they are already at a disadvantage.

Dealt Rakeback vs. Contributed Rakeback

Online poker rooms calculate the amount of rake contributed by each player based on two distinct models. Some poker rooms use a Dealt Rakeback Method model and other poker rooms use the Contributed Rakeback Model.

Dealt Rakeback

Dealt Rakeback method (also known as shared rakeback) is the easier to understand and figure out of the two ways online poker rooms calculate rakeback. With Dealt Rakeback the total amount of rake taken from the pot is equally divided up among the players that were dealt into the hand. Each player is given the same credit for contributing to the rake.

A Dealt Rakeback example: a hand with 10 players dealt into it has created a $100 pot so the online poker room has raked $3. The $3 is equally divided up among the 10 players so $3.00/10 = $0.30. Each player in the hand has been credited with giving the online poker room $0.30 in rake. Any player earning rakeback would get a percentage of that $0.30 returned to them.

Contributed Rakeback

Contribute Rakeback is a bit more complex but is considered to be fairer to the players because it accurately accounts for the amount of rake each individual player has contributed to the online poker room. Each player is credited with the rake contribution they made during the hand based on the percentage of the pot they contributed. This means that during any given hand some players will get credit for contributing more rake than other players and some players may not get any credit at all if they folded before the flop and therefore didn’t add any money to the pot.

A Contributed Rakeback example would be if nine players created a $100 pot during the hand and the online poker room raked $3. If 5 players folded before the flop, two players put in $20 each, and two players put in $30 each then the rake contributed would be divided up among the 4 players who actually contributed to the pot. The two players putting in $20 each would have contributed 20/100 each or 20% of the pot each. The two other players putting in $30 each would have contributed 30/100 each or 30% of the pot each. Since $3 is raked from the hand, the first two players would have each given 20% of $3 = $0.60 and the other two players would have each given 30% of $3 = $0.90.

$0.60 + $0.60 + $0.90 + $0.90 = $3

The other five players did not contribute any money to the pot so they get $0.00 credit for rake paid during that hand. With Contributed Rakeback the rake is proportionally distributed based on each player’s action in the hand. In our example, only the four players contributing to the pot are going to earn rakeback on that particular hand.

Rakeback Poker Rooms

Rakeback poker rooms are places where online poker players can earn rakeback for playing. The difference between rakeback poker rooms is that some offer better deals then others. Researching information on poker rooms offering rakeback is important to players because signing up for the best rakeback deal will improve their hourly expectations when playing online poker.

Rakeback poker rooms have many similarities and many differences. From a gaming standpoint the graphics, game play, controls, games offered, and tournaments offered all play a big part of a poker player's overall playing experience. From a customer standpoint the best poker rooms allow customers to easily communicate with them and receive accurate answers. The customer service helpfulness, deposit options, cash out options and the quality of loyalty programs makes a big difference in every player's experience. From a rakeback standpoint the rakeback percentage, deposit bonuses and the option to take part in rake races and free rolls should weigh heavily on your decision when choosing a rakeback poker room.

The best online rakeback poker rooms that have a long history of pleasing players with the top gaming experience, customer service and rakeback options are the ones you should look at when choosing a rakeback poker room.

Rakeback Cake Poker Room
  • 33% Rakeback
  • Great tournaments
  • Very good customer service
Rakeback Full Tilt Poker Room
  • 27% Rakeback
  • Best Tournaments and Game Selection
  • Graphics and Game play are Excellent
Rakeback Absolute Poker Room
  • 30% Rakeback
  • Large player base makes for high payout tournaments and action filled cash games.
Rakeback UltimateBet Room
  • 30% Rakeback
  • New software substantially improved game play and security
Rakeback Carbon Poker Room
  • 30% Rakeback
  • Very popular for Texas Hold'em poker players

Choosing a rakeback poker room is a big decision. The important thing to understand when choosing a rakeback poker room is that you need to find one that makes you feel comfortable. Though all the poker rooms above offer most of the top poker game variations and a wide range of stakes to play, the best way to figure out which rakeback poker room is right for you is by downloading and installing the software in order to try them out. By comparing and contrasting the different rakeback poker rooms you will gain insight into which rakeback poker rooms you should invest your time and money into playing at.

What is a Rake Race?

A rake race is a contest among players to see who can generate the most rake at a particular online poker site or poker network in a certain time frame. To keep track of the rake race players are given points depending on either the number of raked hands a player plays or the total value of the rake from the poker hands a player has played. Rake race scoring is based on the rake collected from ring games and from tournament entry fees. Players are given points during the rake race and are placed on the leader board based on the number of points each player has earned. The rake race leader board is to view online at the poker room hosting the rake race and/or the poker site hosting the rake race. Leader boards for the rake race are updated daily or even hourly. Rake race prizes are normally cash prizes and can pay out to many players and not just the first place winner. The winner always receives the most from winning the rake race and this sum can be in the thousands depending on the specific rake race. The largest rake race in history was held by Ladbrokes who held a $1,000,000 rake race with first place paying $20,000. The Ladbrokes rake race lasted three months, but most rake race time frames are based on a calendar month.

Rake Race Details

Online poker rooms charge a fee for each hand you play during cash games and a fee for each tournament you enter. These fees are called rake.

To encourage players to play often, online poker rooms and entire poker networks create a competition among their regular players to see who can play the most raked hands during a certain period of time. The competition known as a rake race can be based on seeing who pays the most rake, who plays the most raked hands, or who collects the most frequent player points. The winner after the competition ends is rewarded with money that can be anywhere from less than a hundred dollars to several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Rake races normally start at midnight of the poker room's server time and prizes are paid out to winners within a few days following the end of the rake race.

There are three types of rake races:

  • Rake Race which rewards the players who pay the most rake. Rake Races normally give an advantage to medium and high stakes players.
  • Raked Hands Race which rewards the players who play in the most raked hands. Raked Hands Races normally give an advantage to low stakes players.
  • Points Race which rewards the players who collect the most player points. Points Race player advantage depends on how the individual poker rooms distribute player points.

Poker rooms, poker networks and affiliate websites can all hold rake races. Poker rooms hold rake races that are available to all players of that particular poker room or to a select group of invited players from that poker room. Poker network rake races are among all the poker players who play on the poker network. In a poker network rake race you can play at any of the poker rooms on the network but you must play the whole race in a single poker room within the network. Affiliate websites run poker rake races and they are only offered to members of that affiliate's website who registered for that poker room through that affiliate.

Rake Race Strategy

Rake race strategy is not important if you plan to just compete in the competition, but rake race strategy is important if you plan on winning the competition. Rake races can pay winners hundreds or even thousands of dollars and therefore effective use of your efforts and time are important. Follow these rake race tips so that your strategy puts you in the best position to win the race.

    1. Understand the scoring system and rules of the rake race

Not all rake races are created the same. Different scoring systems are in place for rake races, raked hands races and points races. Understanding the rules and point scoring for the rake race you enter is necessary to be able to maximize your chance for success.

    1. Don't play at limits that you can not afford.

Your poker bankroll is the most important thing to consider when playing a rake race. There is no point to playing at limits your poker bankroll can not afford or limits you are not comfortable playing at just to win the rake race. Playing at limits that are to high for your comfort zone and losing a lot of money trying to win a rake race which will not even cover your losses does not make any sense. Stick to limits you are comfortable playing at and stick to those limits.

    1. Balance playing at multiple tables with having enough time to pay attention to each them.

Rake races encourage players to play multiple tables in order to increase the number of raked hands. For each new table you open and play you will have less time to pay attention to the other tables you are already playing. Some players can play 10 or more tables at the same time but even with plenty of focus and the right computer equipment these players have so little time to make every decision that mistakes or missed opportunities occur often. Generally playing more then 4 tables requires a great deal of quick thinking and a strong understanding of basic poker strategy to be profitable. You should always play less than the maximum amount of tables you feel comfortable playing because playing poker poorly just to play more tables will result in you losing more money than you will win if you win the rake race.

    1. Pay attention to the leader board

Rake race leader boards are updated hourly or daily so keeping a close eye on the leader board is important to see how you are progressing compared to your rake race opponents. Especially towards the end of the rake race you can adjust the amount of time you are playing in order to finish higher if you have opponents who you are barely trailing or if opponents are catching up to you.

    1. Choose your tables wisely

Rake races usually are based on the amount of rake each players pays during the time period. To maximize your rake paid choose loose tables over tight tables. Loose tables ten to build big pots which in turn creates more rake taken from each pot. Playing at loose tables will have a large effect on your rake race results as you can easily rake twice as much at a loose table as you would a tight table in the same amount of time. Do not hesitate to jump from a tight poker game to a looser poker game.

    1. 6. Play as much as you can

Rake races are built on stamina. The players who put in the most hours usually do the best during rake races. The more hours you play the more rake race points you will earn. If you play 14 hours two days in a row and then you get burned out and take a break for a week you will not be anywhere near the top of the leader board. Instead, try to play nearly everyday for a number of hours that is comfortable for you. Try to be consistent each day you play by planning on playing a certain number of hours each day that will not overexert you but will keep you competitive in the race.

Maximum rakeback deals for online poker rooms

Most rakeback deals at online poker rooms cap the maximum rakeback percentage given to any player. This means that the amount of rakeback offered to a player by an affiliate has a maximum rakeback cap which varies depending on the specific online poker room. The list below shows the maximum rakeback available at the following online poker rooms:

  • Maximum at All Cake Poker Rakeback Rooms = 33%
  • Maximum Full Tilt Poker Rakeback = 27%
  • Maximum PKR Rakeback = 30%
  • Maximum Absolute Poker Rakeback = 30%
  • Maximum Ultimate Bet Rakeback = 30%
  • Maximum Action poker Rakeback = 35%
  • Maximum at All Boss Media Rakeback (IPN) Rooms = 30%
  • Maximum at All Cryptologic Rakeback Rooms = 30%

VIP Rakeback

Some poker rooms do not offer the usual form of rakeback but instead reward their players with VIP Rakeback. I know what you are thinking What is VIP Rakeback? VIP rakeback is like a special promotion the online poker rooms have where the poker room directly rewards its high volume players. For example, the most known VIP rakeback example is Pokerstars Frequent Player Points (FPP's). The Pokerstars FPP program rewards FPP's to players while they play. The player can use the FPP's they collect in exchange for prizes such as Pokerstars branded gear, electronics, entries into tournaments or even a sports car. Some poker rooms like Party Poker and the iPoker skins Titan Poker and Sun Poker allow players to directly exchange their FPP's for money.

The list below shows the poker rooms that use VIP Rakeback instead of the traditional rakeback:

  • PokerStars Uses Rakeback VIP
  • Bodog Uses Rakeback VIP
  • All iPoker Rooms Use Rakeback VIP
  • Party Poker Uses Rakeback VIP

How to Find the Best Rakeback Site

  • Listen to referrals by other poker players and friends to see which they think are the best rakeback sites
  • Read poker forums to learn about the best rakeback sites
  • Look for a rakeback site that offers rakeback at many poker rooms
  • Rake Races and Free roll tournaments are common promotions among rakeback sites, make sure they have these promotions
  • Referral programs are important, find a site that allows you to get paid for referring players
  • Choose a large rakeback site with a large player base as usually this is a good indication of great bonuses and free rolls offered exclusively through the best rakeback sites
  • Rakeback industry leaders have often won awards so see if the site has won any awards
  • Make sure the rakeback site offers daily stats and reports

Finding a good rakeback site is important because many have slightly different poker rooms, rakeback offers or promotions. Most poker rooms cap the rakeback a player can earn and so most rakeback sites offer the same amount of rakeback. However, the added promotions like rake races and rake rolls can add a little bit of extra value to the rakeback site you choose.

Rakeback Bonus Offers from Online Poker Rooms

Online poker rooms offer the rakeback bonus because they need to attract new players. The more players that play at the online poker room the more rake the poker room collects. This rake is the online poker room’s sole source of revenue so it is very important for the overall profitability of the online poker room to continually attract new players.

One major way online poker rooms attract new players is by offering commission to affiliates to advertise their poker room on the affiliates' websites. Affiliates have learned that it is easier to attract new players if the affiliate returns most of the commission back to the player.

Whatever you want to call the refund, rebate or rakeback the money benefits the player, the affiliate and the online poker room. The player gets paid for playing, the affiliate it seems earns less money since they are giving most of their commission to the player, but because the player is more likely to sign up through them and the player is more likely to play on that poker site for a much longer time the affiliate clearly wins. The poker room seems to lose money by giving some to the affiliate, but because the referred player is much more likely to become a loyal player and play on the site for a much longer time the online poker room benefits. All parties involved in rakeback are therefore benefiting from having rakeback.

Having a rakeback bonus is like getting extra money put into your poker account every week for free. Failure to sign up for rakeback before choosing a new poker room is one of the biggest mistakes beginners can make. When you don't use an affiliate to sign up for poker rakeback and instead go straight to the poker room then you will not earn rakeback. Signing up for rakeback is easy and only takes a few moments. Those few moments are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the long run. The bankroll of a rakeback player will increase every week when the rakeback payment is automatically added to their account.

Poker Rakeback Basics

Rakeback is like getting paid to play online poker.

To get started earning rakeback you simply need to choose one of the best poker rooms that offer rakeback and follow the sign-up instructions. When you start playing your rakeback is automatically calculated and each week a deposit is automatically put into your poker account. You can choose to play cash games and tournaments. You are going to be earning rakeback everyday you play it does not matter if you win or lose on that particular day. Some players like playing just tournaments and earn rakeback that way. Other players prefer the cash games and earn rakeback that way. Most players play both tournaments and cash games and earn rakeback playing both.

Earning Poker Rakeback

Poker rakeback helps players maximize their poker bankroll and is available to all players. Whether a beginner at the poker tables or a seasoned veteran everyone can benefit from poker rakeback. Whether you play the exciting big prize pool tournaments, the smaller tournaments, sit n go tournaments or cash games you will be earning rakeback. Without a rakeback account you will not be able to earn rakeback so it is very important that when you decide to sign-up at a poker room you do so with a rakeback affiliate in order to secure a rakeback deal. Without rakeback you are potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table that could have been yours.

Rakeback Account

Every rakeback account is an opportunity to make more money playing poker. Why Rakeback is Important? The question the importance of rakeback is a common question asked by novice poker players and newcomers to online poker. First, let me explain that rakeback is probably the most important thing you can do to help your poker bankroll. Learning poker strategy and watching free poker videos are important to helping you play better poker, but you were probably already planning on doing those things to help you make more money playing poker. Simply signing up for rakeback before you start playing at a poker room will guarantee you that you will be getting paid to play online poker. Whether you win or lose on any given day you will always be earning rakeback. A player with rakeback will always earn considerably more money than a similarly skilled player who does not earn rakeback because rakeback is like free money that automatically is added to your poker account as you play.

Rakeback Example

For a rakeback example lets say there is a $50 pot during one hand of $.50/$1 No Limit Holdem. The pot actually had $53 in it but the poker room raked $3. If there were 5 players in the hand, that $3 rake is divided by the 5 players --> $3/5 = $0.60 each. So each player basically contributed $.60 of rake to the online poker room. Each player that has a rakeback deal in place will receive a percentage of that $.60 refunded to him or her as rakeback. The players without rakeback will receive nothing back to them. If you have 30% rakeback you would get $.60 x .3 = $.18 refunded to you automatically at the end of the week. That $.18 is just one hand, so as you might be able to imagine that money adds up fast as you play more and more hands. It is not uncommon for players to receive hundreds or even thousands of rakeback money each week. If you contribute $1,000 in rake in a week and you get 33% rakeback then you would earn $333.33 in rakeback for that week.

With rakeback the player benefits as the extra automatic rakeback payments add a considerable amount of funds to a player's account.

Do I Need Rakeback?

Yes you need rakeback.

All players should sign up for rakeback as it is the single most important thing you can do to improve your poker profitability. Rakeback combined with the awesome bonuses the online poker rooms give to new players makes sense for just about every poker player.

Sign Up for Rakeback --> Play Poker --> Earn Rakeback --> Money Put into Account --> Play More Poker --> Earn More Rakeback --> Money Put into Account...

Any online poker game you play at low stakes and high stakes the pot is raked. For each pot that is raked you are earning a percentage of that rake. That percentage adds up meaning a lot of extra money is going to be automatically placed in your poker account each week.

Rakeback is a Win - Win Situation

Rakeback is a win - win situation for both you and the poker room. At first it appears the poker room loses a little bit of its profit by giving you rakeback. However, by giving you rakeback it is more likely you will become a loyal customer and continue playing at that poker room. The more you play the happier the poker room becomes because now they earn more. Both you and the poker room benefit from rakeback.

Poker Rakeback

The question of What is Rakeback? is often asked by newcomers to online poker and by casual online poker players. Players who are serious about playing poker online likely already understand what poker rakeback is because of how important rakeback is to their overall profit.

The answer to the What is Rakeback question? is simply a refund on the money the online poker room charges you to play poker. The online poker room takes a small percentage of money out of every hand that is played. This percentage of money taken covers the cost of their operations and it is known as the rake. During each hand of a cash game the online poker room takes about 5% up to a couple of dollars out of every pot that is played as their rake. Because each person at the table contributes to the rake by playing at that table the online poker rooms have started giving some of that rake back to the players. The process of giving back a percentage of the rake to the player is known as rakeback.

Wikipedia defines rakeback as a:

  • "Rebate/repayment to a player of a portion of the rake paid by that player, normally from a non-cardroom, third-party source such as an affiliate. Rakeback is paid in many ways by online poker rooms, affiliates or brick and mortar rooms. Many use direct money payments for online poker play. Brick and Mortar rooms usually use rate cards to track and pay their rakeback."

Rakeback can be anywhere from 25% to 50% depending on the poker room but generally is around 30%. The amount of rake contributed by an individual player can be in the thousands per month for a regular player and hundreds per month for a casual player. Having a rakeback deal in place can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars being returned to you automatically each week. Rakeback can make a huge difference in the amount of money you earn playing online poker. Many losing poker players become break-even poker players after they figure in the money they have automatically returned to them as rakeback. Break even players become winners and winning poker players add even more profit to their poker bankroll when they receive rakeback.

Rake is taken from each cash game hand that is played and taken from tournaments in the form of the entry fee. The online poker room keeps track of the amount each player plays on their site and the amount of rake that player has contributed. If that player signed up to play at that online poker room by using an affiliate than that affiliate gets paid a commission based on the rake revenue generated by that player. Affiliates are given that commission by the online poker rooms because they have used their website to advertise that poker room and have referred that player. Affiliates have come up with the idea to return most of their commission back to the player. This refund to the player is called rakeback and benefits the player, the affiliate and the poker room. The benefits to everyone is because a player receiving rakeback is more likely to become a loyal player at that poker room and play on their site longer. The poker room is happy because the more the player plays the more rake is produced which makes the affiliate more commission and the player earns lots of money with rakeback.

Players that go straight to the poker room to sign up do not receive rakeback. A player can only receive rakeback by going through an affiliate. Therefore, it is always the best option for a player to use an affiliate to receive rakeback.

Understanding Rakeback

What is rakeback? is a common question asked by many casual online poker players and beginners. Most serious online poker players know exactly what is rakeback because rakeback is very important to their success.

The answer to the What is rakeback? question begins with understanding what is rake. The rake is how online poker rooms make money. During each hand of a cash game the online poker rooms take a small percentage of the pot, about 5% as their fee to host the game. This 5% is the rake and is usually capped at a maximum of $3 during any cash game poker hand. In poker tournaments, in addition to the buy-in the online poker rooms charge a relatively small entry fee to play. In tournaments this entry fee is the rake.

Rake to Rakeback

The online poker rooms keep track of the amount each player plays on their site and the amount of rake that player contributed. If a player signed up to play at that poker room through an affiliate like Rounder Poker than that affiliate gets a commission for referring that player from the online poker room. Affiliates are given this commission by the poker rooms because they advertise the poker room. Affiliates have in turn come up with the idea to return most of that commission back to the player.

This refund is known as rakeback. Rakeback is done by the affiliate in order to attract players to sign up through the affiliate instead of the player going directly to the poker room. Players going directly to the poker room do not get rakeback so it is advantageous to always use an affiliate to secure rakeback.

Rakeback Example

For example, a player decides to try a new poker room like Full Tilt Poker and signs up through the affiliate Rounder Poker in order to get 27% Rakeback. During the first week the player contributes $300 in rake to the online poker room. The poker room gives a 30% commission to the affiliate Rounder Poker for referring that player. 30% of $300 is $90. The player gets 27% rakeback so 27% of $300 is $81. At the end of the week the affiliate Rounder Poker gets paid $90 from the online poker room and automatically puts $81 into the players account.

Rakeback Helps Everyone

As you can see rakeback is a great way to supplement your poker earnings and can often add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on the amount of poker you play. Often receiving rakeback can make a losing poker player into a small winner and make a break-even player into a big winner. Winning poker players win even more because of rakeback. In effect rakeback is like a bonus in that it pays you to play. But unlike a bonus, rakeback never runs out it just keeps paying you over and over again as long as you keep playing.