Casino SLOTS Instruction

Learn the rules of Slots and the strategy you should follow for the best success. Slot machines are the most popular type of casino game.  The old fashioned coin-operated machines with three reels have now given way to more state-of-the-art machines that revolutionized slot playing.

Playing Slot Machines

The slot machine pays the player depending on the symbols which appear once the machine has stopped spinning.

To play a slot machine, an individual bets coins, cash, or in new machines a bar-coded paper ticket known as ticket in/ticket out into the machine.  Touch screens and buttons have for the most part replaced the lever, is pressed and the machine spins. 

Most of the time the machines payout based strictly on chance, however some involve a little skill or the appearance of skill.

The goal is to win money from the slot machine by matching symbols in lines or sometimes diagonals. 

The machines allow players to bet credits from 1-5 per line, with the higher amount wagered per line meaning the payout will be proportionally increased.  Individual slot machines are set up to accept different wager amounts from 1 cent penny slots to $100 or more.  The most common type are 25 cent machines.

The reel type slot machines and the more high tech touch screen slot machines both operate with the same objective, to have them stop on patterns that are stated on the machine as winning combinations

Though traditional slot machines are still common, including video poker machines, the craze now is multi-line slots.  These slots have more than one pay line, from 3, 5, 9, 15, 25, or even 100.  Pay lines are straight or zig-zag lines that cross through one symbol on each reel, and this line determines whether or not it is a winning combination. Classic spinning reel machines usually have up to nine pay lines, while video slot machines may have as many as one hundred.

These video slot machines have themes that include graphics and music from popular TV shows such as Wheel of Fortune or The Addams Family.  Certain specific combinations of symbols usually set off a bonus round where the player can win big cash prizes. Bonuses are where video game machines activate a special game when certain symbols appear allowing the player to win extra money.  Directions for the particular bonus is shown and after the choice is made a player wins credits.

A common term you hear playing Slots is the Candle, which are the lights on top of slot machines. These spin and flash when a player needs to alert the operator if they need more change, a problem has occurred with the machine, or when a large amount is won and a player needs to be paid directly by the attendant.

Another common term is Carousel, which means a group of similar slot machines set up in an oval or circle. A common carousel is one set up for progressive jackpots.

Some machines are linked together allowing for a progressive jackpot for a particular combination amongst those machines. Every credit that is bet on any of those machines adds a small amount to the progressive jackpot until it is hit and then it returns to a certain amount and begins progressing again.

Random Number Generator is the computer program that randomly selects what will appear.  It computes thousands of possibilities per second and makes outcomes totally random.

Payout percentage: The machines percentage return to the user.  Most machines are set between 82 to 98 percent return of the wagered money.  The higher the return the better it is for the player. 

Slot Strategy

Play as many coins as needed to win the jackpot.  Most real slots require 3 or 5 coins to be played in order to hit the jackpot.  On the other hand, video slots can get you to the bonus round by playing just 1 credit per line.  Play machines closer to where spectators can watch such as near the hotel registration, near the buffet, near the bathrooms, or near casino walkways.  These visible machines usually are set to pay off considerably higher because the casino wants to give the impression to passerby‚Äôs that people are winning a lot to entice them to play.  Do not believe in hot and cold machines.   The software in machines is predetermined to payback a certain percentage and this is built into the random number generator.  Do not worry about needing to always play one more coin thinking the machine is due, but instead play within your budget and quit when you losing and come back and play another day.  When you win, book the win by cashing out.  Do not just put all your winnings back into the machines. Machine returns are often posted for casinos if you look for the information. Also, important is the idea that playing progressive slot machines when the progressive jackpot is extremely high can be very favorable for a player and sometime even offer them a positive expectation because of the size of the jackpot.

Online Slot Machines

By far the most played game at every online casino are the many online slot machines that offer a great deal of game variety and betting options. Playing multiple lines and bonus games are common for the new slot machines that make playing online slots fun for so many people.