Casino KENO Instruction

Learn the rules of Keno and the strategy you should follow for the best success. Keno is a gambling game similar to Bingo, but requires a lot less effort for the player then Bingo. 

The Play of Keno

A player picks between 1-20 numbers from a keno ticket which has 80 numbers on it. The casino picks 20 numbers at random.  The player wins if he has matched a certain number of numbers depending on how many he marked to begin with. 

The casino edge in Keno is the largest of all casino games.  The casino advantage can be anywhere between 4%-66%, compared to other non slot games which usually are between 0% and 5%.

Payouts for Keno depend on how many numbers were picked, how many were picked correctly, and how much was wagered. The more numbers correct the better the payout. The more numbers guessed the greater the payoff is for getting a higher percent correct. 

Most casinos allow up to 20 picks on a single ticket.  The odds against getting all 20 correct is 1 in 3.5 quintillion, making doing so essentially impossible.

Most casinos have Keno drawings every five minutes.  The big board lights up with the numbers as they are randomly chosen and players mark their boards.  Winning tickets are returned to the place purchased and paid out according to the number of correct picks, the number of total guesses, and the amount wagered.

Keno Strategy

For the most part, play Keno as an entertainment game.  The house edge is very large and so it is hard to expect to win in the long run, and it is even hard to win in the short term.   If you do play, the returns on investment for picking 3 spots or 7 spots is better then most of the other options.  Keno payoff charts are enticing because of the large payouts for games in which you pick more such as the 10 or 15 spot tickets.  These large wins are nearly impossible to occur and are considered extreme sucker bets.   For example, avoid the 10 spot tickets, which have a very nice return if you get extremely lucky, but the house edge is higher then any other ticket available.

Online Keno

Playing online Keno is like playing miniature lottery games that are happening around the clock every few minutes. Pick some numbers and hope that those numbers are the ones chosen during the game. Check out the basic game play by playing this free online keno game.