Casino BINGO Instruction

Learn the rules of playing Bingo and the strategy you should follow for the best success. Bingo is a fun game and though it does not have the same amount of gambling involved as some other casino games, Bingo allows players to win a large sum because they are often playing against a lot of players at one time.

So while you can earn a big amount of large prizes, bingo online also allows you to enjoy a user-friendly, comfortable and fun game in an online setting, among players from different backgrounds and with different skills and playing levels. This game is indeed great fun and entertainment for all kinds of players.

If you play Bingo, the best Bingo bonus is possible to find at online casinos.

The Play of Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance where randomly selected numbers are chosen and players try to make a row, diagonal, column or other specific pattern on their 5 by 5 matrix board cards. The first person to get the specific pattern calls out the word Bingo to declare themselves the winner.  The player’s card is checked to make sure the Bingo has been correctly called. If it is correct, the prize is awarded and another game begins.  If Bingo was incorrectly called, the game continues till another player calls Bingo.

Every Bingo player is given a uniquely marked card containing numbers from 1-75.

On each turn, the caller selects a random numbered ball from a container and calls out the number to all players.

The ball is then placed visibly on the side and is not used again.

Each player searches their card for the number, and if found the player marks their card. 

The skill aspect of the game comes from being able to search for the number in a few seconds before another number is called.

The game continues until someone announces Bingo if they have the pattern that was set before the game began.  Examples of patterns are one line, two lines, four corners, full house, kite shaped, or full card (all spaces on the board). Lines are made across in a row, down in a column, or in a diagonal.

Bingo Cards contain five columns and five rows for a total of 25 squares.

In real life, the boards are made of cardboard or paper. 

The center square is called the free space and is automatically counted as a marked square.

The caller first calls the Letter B, I, N, G, or O and then the number.

The letter refers to the column which the number can be found.




1 to 15  


16 to 30


31 to 45


46 to 60


61 to 75


Players can play multiple Bingo boards at one time.  Some experienced players can play up to 30 at one time, though this requires a great amount of concentration to keep pace with the caller and not miss any spots on the boards.

Bingo Strategy

Bingo is a lot of fun and can be very exciting.  The strategy involved basically involves keeping pace with the caller by checking and marking all of your boards before the next ball is called.  Pay attention to the type of game being played whether it is one row, two rows, full board or something else and immediately call out a Bingo if you have it.  If you wait, and another ball is called you may have to share the prize with others. Play a few less boards if you can not keep pace because not marking a board you paid for because you do not have enough time is wasting an opportunity to win and the bet is wasted.  Some casinos even mark the board for you making the game a lot easier to follow.

Online Bingo

One of the most popular online casino games is without a doubt the online bingo games which are being played around the clock. Attracting many bingo players from around the world, online bingo brings the excitement of real life bingo to the Internet and adds a level of speed and excitement. Most importantly, the prize pools for winning bingo boards are often very large and the variation of games are numerous. Many of the best online bingo games are available for real money though players can try many online bingo games for free to see if how they work and if they enjoy playing these bingo games.

There are several online resources to find sign up bonuses for online bingo sites.

Millions of players have played online bingo boards at the many online casinos that offer the game. These players have seen firsthand how the Internet has made bingo games very similar to the excitement and suspense of live bingo games you would find at many casinos around the world. Bingo has been a classic betting game at real life casinos for many years and can be found in Las Vegas and Atlantic City amongst other real world casinos around the United States. Online casinos have captured the same structure and game play that the classic bingo games have and made them available to players who have Internet access meaning they can enjoy the same excitement they would find at a real life casino in the comfort of their own home.

When choosing the best online bingo games you need to consider a few things. First consider the online casino site you choose and try it out by downloading the software and seeing if the bingo games have easy controls and good graphics. Secondly, consider the wagering options you have as many online bingo sites have different tiers of betting options so finding one that is comfortable for you to play is important. Lastly, consider the payouts for when you get that magical BINGO as some sites offer larger prize pools than other sites. Game selection is important as finding the games that maximize your own enjoyment is critical to enhancing your playing experience.